Frequently asked questions

How long have you been working on the market?

We started our supply and export activity in 2002 and since then we’ve been successfully working on domestic and world markets, constantly expanding our partners’ network.

Do you accept the order for equipment that is not listed in your catalog?

If you want to buy metal processing equipment, which is not listed in our catalog, send a description of the model to our manager. We will respond promptly.

I want to purchase equipment. What payment options do you suggest?

When purchasing equipment, all questions regarding the payment are discussed with our manager. As a rule, we use cashless transfer

How much do your services cost?

The cost of our services depends on the complexity and characteristics of the order, so to find out the cost of your order, please consult our manager.

Are you selling non-metal-working equipment?

As a rule, our company specializes in metal-working equipment, but if you send specifications of the equipment you need, our manager will consider all your suggestions.

What countries do you deliver metal working equipment to?

For 9 years of existence we’ve established strong contacts and maintain long-term cooperation with the manufacturers and dealers of Germany, Turkey, India, Taiwan, USA and CIS countries. If the country you are interested in is not listed above, please contact our manager.

Do you provide information on a particular machine? I am interested in the horizontal shaping machine E3-9B.

One of the services provided by our company, is a consulting of our client on issues. relating to the supply of the metalworking equipment, as well as their characteristics. Please refer to our manager with the detailed description of the machine. We will respond promptly.

What is the equipment delivery time?

Our company delivers metalworking equipment in the shortest possible time. To get to know more accurate delivery time of your equipment, contact our manager.

What guarantees does your company give?

We guarantee: metal-making equipment delivery, regardless of the purpose, will be implemented in the shortest possible time.

Our company will assist with the selection, sale and supply of equipment, providing international transportation of goods, as well as providing services for the accompanying paper designing .

For any further information as to the equipment delivery conditions feel free to contact our manager.